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The Investment Solutions Strategy team of the French platform Coinhouse has selected the crypto-assets deemed the most interesting or promising.

After a significant rebound in major cryptos at the start of the year, led by Bitcoin (up 45% up from late 2022 lows around $16,000), this market has been trending directionless since mid-February and is not benefiting much from the renewed appetite for risk observed on the stock markets.The French platform Coinhouse (registered with the AMF with an application for approval in progress) considers that the investment opportunities are still very present given that the crypto market remains at lower levels than there is a year and believes that the 2022 purge had the merit of causing the less interesting projects to disappear prematurely.Investing in a portfolio of crypto-assets in 2023 is therefore one of the essential ways of diversifying for those who are ready to accept a high degree of risk for the pocket devoted to these assets. However, it is not always easy to choose from the multitude of the most prominent cryptos. Coinhouse's Investment Solutions Strategy team has selected those that are deemed the most interesting or promising.The essentials: Bitcoin and EthereumThis selection does not ignore the two main cryptos, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Coinhouse also points out that if Ethereum is the second crypto-asset in terms of market capitalization, it is the first blockchain in terms of use since smart contracts, which made Ethereum so original at its creation, allow the development of many projects and decentralized applications. The next Ethereum update, scheduled for March 2023, is also mainly focused on the staking process (immobilizing your cryptos in a smart contract), thus further improving its attractiveness.The challengers: Polygon and PolkadotAmong the other main cryptos in terms of capitalization, the Coinhouse analyst team retains Polygon, a second-level network connected to the Ethereum blockchain, which also allows the execution of smart contracts and the creation of decentralized applications, but by offering better scalability (capacity of the network to process more transactions). These scalability solutions have an interest in the crypto-asset market since the main blockchains, like Ethereum, incur high transaction fees.Polkadot is a network of interconnections between blockchains called parachains which aims to connect blockchains that are usually incompatible with each other, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Coinhouse indeed recalls that even today, blockchains operate in a vacuum. The possibility of being able to communicate and send information across blockchains is therefore absolutely essential, and it is to this end that Polkadot is dedicated. “Hosting some 400 projects (including the first parachain dedicated to NFTs launched by Enjin), Polkadot has strong development potential in 2023 as a promising cryptocurrency,” Coinhouse points out.Advanced technologies: Chainlink, Uniswap, AaveThree other crypto-assets could make a difference this year thanks to their technological lead.Chainlink has the particularity of bridging the world of virtual currency with external data from the "real" world, a technology that may be of interest to sectors other than the cryptocurrency sector. “Without Chainlink, most decentralized finance applications today would be unable to function due to a lack of viable off-blockchain data. This essential project for the Ethereum ecosystem should therefore be one of the best cryptos in 2023, ”predict Coinhouse analysts.Uniswap, based on Ethereum, and allows the exchange of crypto-assets and retains its appeal by remaining one of the decentralized finance platforms managing the most money supply today, with a remuneration model deemed solid. Coinhouse believes that Uniswap can currently be bought at a price “which seems quite low”.Aave stands out as a credit platform that allows you to deposit or borrow assets, with fixed or variable interest rates. The strengths and particularities of the Aave protocol include a decentralized credit market for individuals and institutions or the interest of users in "flash loans" (or flash loans).Wildcards: Avax and ApeCoinAmong those that could be described as 2023 wildcards, Avalanche is a network of blockchains and a platform of smart contracts that aims to be both competitive and complementary to Ethereum. Its ambition to become the fastest blockchain on the market. Already having a bridge to Ethereum to exchange its ERC20 and ETH, Avalanche has just erected another bridge with Bitcoin, which makes this crypto promising for 2023, in the opinion of Coinhouse.Finally

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